Why do i have an ache when i bite down on my crown?

Sometimes it can be evidence of a high bite and sometimes it can be because the tooth in question needs a root canal, but sometimes there is another cause. Last week a patient came in with the following symptoms: her tooth ached immediately after eating. The tooth that was bothering her had what appeared to … Continue reading Why do i have an ache when i bite down on my crown?

When is a three unit bridge better than a single tooth implant?

If the teeth on either side of the missing teeth are vital than three unit bridges have a very good chance of lasting for longer than 10 years or more  ( At least according to studies cited by Frank Spear in his presentations). If the teeth adjacent to the tooth to be extracted have crowns … Continue reading When is a three unit bridge better than a single tooth implant?

Painless Dentistry?

The photograph shows a promotion orchestrated by Painless Parker, a turn-of-the-century dentist who teamed up with a former P.T. Barnum promoter to help promote his services. He would profess to be able to painlessly extract teeth and would organize demonstrations with a band present. When it was time for his presentation, after giving his patient … Continue reading Painless Dentistry?

Toothpaste can do more harm than good

The next time a patient innocently asks me, “What’s the best toothpaste to use?” I’m going to unleash a whole Chunky Soup can of “You Want The Truth? You CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!” Gosh, that’s such an overused movie quote. Sorry about that, but still. If you’re a dental professional, isn’t this the most annoying … Continue reading Toothpaste can do more harm than good

Resources for sealant and fluoride varnish use with pediatric patients

One study recently found that sealant application may be more effective than fluoride varnish application in preventing tooth decay in the permanent teeth of children. Read more about this study and get resources for your treatment decisions below. In a recent Cochrane Oral Health Blog, there was discussion about a systematic review of the evidence … Continue reading Resources for sealant and fluoride varnish use with pediatric patients

Breathing through mouth during sleep may increase tooth decay risk

 Written by Catharine Paddock PhD Published: Monday 8 February 2016 A comparison of acidity levels in the mouths of individuals who did and did not breathe through the mouth during sleep finds mouth breathing may promote dental erosion and decay. The researchers found that at stages during the night, acidity levels in the mouths of … Continue reading Breathing through mouth during sleep may increase tooth decay risk

6 Tips to Get Your Child Excited About Brushing

You know how important it is for your children to brush their teeth, but that doesn’t mean they do. Chances are, if it isn’t fun, they’re going to fight you every time you tell them it’s time to head to the bathroom and pick up that toothbrush. Not sure how to make brushing fun for … Continue reading 6 Tips to Get Your Child Excited About Brushing

4 Tips to help your child enjoy going to the dentist

Many children dislike going to the dentist. As in, really dislike going to the dentist! They are worried about getting a shot and feeling pain. Having to sit in the dentist’s chair with their mouth open for several a minutes a time isn’t all that easy, either. What’s more, the dentist is poking and prodding … Continue reading 4 Tips to help your child enjoy going to the dentist

Oral Hygiene Advice to Live By

When it comes to good oral hygiene, following the basics is really all you need to do. There’s no need to follow gimmicks or new fads. Practicing the essential oral hygiene habits truly are all you need to do to enjoy good oral health for your entire life. Below are what we believe to be … Continue reading Oral Hygiene Advice to Live By

How to make sure you keep all your teeth

Have you never lost a tooth? Good for you because many people have lost at least one tooth: 178 million American adults have lost at least one. What’s more, 3.75 percent have none of their original adult teeth at all! So if you want to be one of those who does keep all of her … Continue reading How to make sure you keep all your teeth


Gurantee-Insurance-Safety-Trust-Participation In PEROSS Dental Network, we want our patients to feel safe that all dental procedures and treatments, were performed under the rules of dentistry and medical ethics, and present no faults Moreover, every procedure was performed by knowledgeable dentists contracted with PEROSS Dental Network, in our modern dental clinics equipped with state of the … Continue reading CERTIFICATE OF MAINTENANCE

Dental tourism

We in Per-Oss dental network provide our dental patients from abroad with a wide variety of procedures covering all of their needs, following the highest European standards, in the lowest prices possible. Dental tourism is the future. Dental patients have the ability to combine their family vacation with dental treatment, at the same or lower … Continue reading Dental tourism

Therapeutic Dentistry

The field of dentistry that deals with the removal of caries from teeth and their recostruction.The use of fillings is currently the most frequent dental practice, since caries is a disease affecting millions of people. Dental filllings are usally resin made, since the older amalgam fillings tend to be used only if neccessary.They can restore … Continue reading Therapeutic Dentistry


The replacement of deeply carious, fractured or missing teeth with the use of fixed or removable prosthetic appliances. Prosthodontists have the ability of replacing a singe or numerous teeth when their condition does not allow the repair by a simple filling.The proshtetic works are ussually manufacured by acrylic, zirconia or ceramic materials. The first step … Continue reading Prosthodontics


Reallignment of teeth and correction of jaw and facial deformitites An orthodontist has the ability to change a tooth's position in order to reach the desirable result considering aisthetics and and quality of function.Thus, patients have the ability to masticate(chew) better, to breath normally and aslo sometimes to sleep properly. In addition, through the science … Continue reading Orthodontics

Dental Aesthetics

The overall improvement of the patient's smile according to his/her wishes and needs after completing with the therapeutic procedures. Dental bleaching(whitening) in the dental office alone, or in combination of home bleaching with the use of special trays. Veneers and dental strasses a re only some of the practices available that can be used to … Continue reading Dental Aesthetics


Deals with study of gingiva(gums) and oral bone. Gingivitis and periodontitis are conditions that are becoming commoner in the human population. Bleeding gums and thei recession leaving the roots exposed are some classic symptoms of these two. Treatment planning depends on the severity of the signs and syptoms showing how progressed is the condition. It … Continue reading Periodontology

Autologous growth factors and Stem cells

Science at it's best Growth factors and Stem cells have today numerous applications in the dental field.Their purpose is to enhance healing and minimize discomfort for the patient. In addition ,stem cells also assist by increasing the number of new cells. In every procedure that involves the tissues around the teeth or aesthetic procedures of … Continue reading Autologous growth factors and Stem cells