Therapeutic Dentistry

The field of dentistry that deals with the removal of caries from teeth and their recostruction.The use of fillings is currently the most frequent dental practice, since caries is a disease affecting millions of people. Dental filllings are usally resin made, since the older amalgam fillings tend to be used only if neccessary.They can restore … Continue reading Therapeutic Dentistry


The replacement of deeply carious, fractured or missing teeth with the use of fixed or removable prosthetic appliances. Prosthodontists have the ability of replacing a singe or numerous teeth when their condition does not allow the repair by a simple filling.The proshtetic works are ussually manufacured by acrylic, zirconia or ceramic materials. The first step … Continue reading Prosthodontics


Reallignment of teeth and correction of jaw and facial deformitites An orthodontist has the ability to change a tooth's position in order to reach the desirable result considering aisthetics and and quality of function.Thus, patients have the ability to masticate(chew) better, to breath normally and aslo sometimes to sleep properly. In addition, through the science … Continue reading Orthodontics

Dental Aesthetics

The overall improvement of the patient's smile according to his/her wishes and needs after completing with the therapeutic procedures. Dental bleaching(whitening) in the dental office alone, or in combination of home bleaching with the use of special trays. Veneers and dental strasses a re only some of the practices available that can be used to … Continue reading Dental Aesthetics


Deals with study of gingiva(gums) and oral bone. Gingivitis and periodontitis are conditions that are becoming commoner in the human population. Bleeding gums and thei recession leaving the roots exposed are some classic symptoms of these two. Treatment planning depends on the severity of the signs and syptoms showing how progressed is the condition. It … Continue reading Periodontology

Autologous growth factors and Stem cells

Science at it's best Growth factors and Stem cells have today numerous applications in the dental field.Their purpose is to enhance healing and minimize discomfort for the patient. In addition ,stem cells also assist by increasing the number of new cells. In every procedure that involves the tissues around the teeth or aesthetic procedures of … Continue reading Autologous growth factors and Stem cells

Dental Implants

The  replacement of missing teeth by biocompatible artifacts. Dental implants are one of the biggest achievements of modern dentistry due to the fact that they can replace a missing tooth or teeth without the need of grinding the neighbour ones, in order to use them as brackets A dental implant a component which is inserted … Continue reading Dental Implants

Facial Aesthetics

Lips and skin aesthetics around the mouth. The science of dermal aesthetics deals with the aesthetic rejuvenation of the perioral structures, such as the skin,lips and the nasolabial folds. The application of Hyaluronic acid, for the correction of wrinkles, scars and lip augmentation is a very popular procedure. In addition, mesotherapy, the use of night … Continue reading Facial Aesthetics