Konstantinos Kouthouris

Dr. Kouthouris Konstantinos is the youngest member of our team. Dr. Kouthouris K. graduated from the dental faculty of Comenius university of Bratislava, Slovakia in 2013. Due to his father’s long presence in the field he became familiar from a young age to the basic functions of a dental clinic. Later on he begun to work as a dental assistant advancing even more his familiarity with the dental procedures. Afterwards, and during his undergraduate years he started performing simple dental procedures and with advancing complexity in his later years at Comenius university. After finishing his studies and during his military obligations he worked as a military dentist being responsible for the entire military personnel of the city of Alexandroupoli in Greece. During his military service he took part in expeditions held by the military medical personnel to remote villages of the prefecture of Evros. Then in August of 2013 he became a member of PER-OSS Dental Network. Due to his results and people oriented profile he quickly became a vital staff member able to manage complex dental and periodontal procedures accompanied by the use of the Biolase dental laser systems. He currently is undertaking his Master’s degree in oral implantology in combination with the use of autologous growth factors and stem cells in the university of BPP in London