Konstantinos Kouthouris

Dr. Kouthouris Konstantinos is the youngest member of our team. Dr. Kouthouris K. graduated from the dental faculty of Comenius university of Bratislava, Slovakia in 2013. Due to his father’s long presence in the field he became familiar from a young age to the basic functions of a dental clinic. Later on he begun to … Continue reading Konstantinos Kouthouris

Vasiliki Kyratzi

Dr. Vasiliki Kyratzi graduated in 2000 from the dental faculty of Comenius university in Bratislava, Slovakia. Afterwards due to her motivation and abilities in the field of aesthetics she quickly became a member of PEROSS Dental Network where she mainly practiced aesthetic dentistry as well as dermal fillers and Botox. She is constantly undertaking classes … Continue reading Vasiliki Kyratzi

Konstantinos Kyrtsios

Dr. Konstantinos Kyrtsios graduated from the dental faculty of Aristotle University in Thessaloniki in 2003. Afterwards he practiced his dental proffesion as a military dentist during his military obligations until 2005. During the next two years until 2007 he worked as a dentist in a private clinic in Stockholm where he gained experience on working … Continue reading Konstantinos Kyrtsios

Ioannis Kouthouris

Dr. Kouthouris Ioannis is a 1980 graduate from the University of Thessaloniki, Greece. Dr. Kouthouris is a member of the Dental Association of Thessaloniki since 1980.During the military service he practiced as a dentist in the city of Alexandroupoli from 1980 to 1983. In 1983 he became a member of the NHS in the UK … Continue reading Ioannis Kouthouris