In PEROSS Dental Network, we want our patients to feel safe that all dental procedures and treatments, were performed under the rules of dentistry and medical ethics, and present no faults

Moreover, every procedure was performed by knowledgeable dentists contracted with PEROSS Dental Network, in our modern dental clinics equipped with state of the art equipment

Our patients receive a complete briefing, considering their medical condition and the dental procedures that need to be performed by the contracted dentist following their confirmation.

For the uppermost reasons, PEROSS Dental Network provides patients with a performance and proper function ”certificate of maintenance” which has a minimum duration of 24 months and depending on the procedure it can reach the time period of 120 months

Furthermore, the most important aspect is that the dentists of PEROSS Dental Network train their patients in a proper schedule of maintenance of the prosthesis accompanied by regular visits for a free of charge control of the prosthetic work

This certificate of maintenance is valid only for dental work that has been performed in PEROSS Dental Network and that no non-contracted dentist has interfered.

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