Autologous growth factors and Stem cells

Science at it's best

Growth factors and Stem cells have today numerous applications in the dental field.Their purpose is to enhance healing and minimize discomfort for the patient. In addition ,stem cells also assist by increasing the number of new cells.

In every procedure that involves the tissues around the teeth or aesthetic procedures of the lips and skin around the oral cavity the autologous growth factors and the stem cells can facilitate a vey comfortable experience for the patient.

A simle blood collection is performed and after 15-30 minutes the CGF and the Stem cells are ready to use in our procedure.The remarkable advantage is that these molecules are autologous, meaning that they are taken by the patient.The reason is that being natural substances of our bodies they cause no side effects or reactions.

This method can be used with implants for faster healing. It can also be used after surgical extractions to diminish post symptoms. Furthermore, this mixture can be used for rejuvenation and hydration of the skin in a procedure that is called mesotherapy.

Another application is their use with face masks and night creams.The results are fantastic.

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