About Us

Our Dental Network consists of 4 dental clinics. Two of them are situated in the city of Veroia, one is situated in Thessaloniki accounting for 5 dental chairs in total. Our stuff consists of 8 dentists and 5 assistants, covering all dental specialties. In our clinics we offer high quality dental care, in a friendly, warm and comfortable environment providing at the same time all the necessary sanitary conditions. We are here to cover all the patient’s needs from therapeutic and surgical procedures to aesthetic dentistry and prosthetic work. Our dental facilities are situated in the city centers, thus providing ease of transport.

The dental offices are designed in such a way to provide a relaxing environment with natural lighting where, doctor and patient can discuss the second’s wishes and needs, taking into consideration the possible treatment plans that modern dentistry has to offer.

All dental clinics do have in-wall lead plates for protecting the patients during x-ray taking.

Our main work is teeth replacement using dental implants, growth factors and transplants according to the needs of every case, as well as the on-implant prosthetic work, taking always under consideration the esthetic part, so that the patient can leave our clinic with confidence. All of our clinics are equipped with dental lasers, which are used both in surgical procedures but also in aesthetics where they play a major role in accomplishing fine results during bleaching procedures.

Our dental network’s philosophy is to offer patients the potential to improve their overall oral health and also their smiles, with confidence for the result, in low prices.